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Mobile operators have spent more than $234 billion building GSM and 3GSM**
networks since 2002
There are 2.5 billion GSM connections worldwide
The first text message was sent in 1992. The msg was 'merry xmas'
85% of the world's mobile connections are GSM
People spend 40% more time on mobile calls than they did in 2000
More than 80% of the world's population are covered by GSM networks
There are 1.2 million new GSM connections every day
The world's biggest GSM markets are China (445m), Russia (160 m) and India
(137 m)
The world will reach 4 billion mobile connections in Q1 2010
Annual mobile advertising spend will be $14 billion in 2011
The world's best selling phone is the Nokia 1100 which has sold more than
200 million units
In 2006, cellular services accounted for 1.6% of the global economy
All 220 countries have GSM or 3GSM** networks operating today
350 million people will have access to wireless e-mail by 2010
It took 12 years to get to 1 billion GSM connections, and just thirty months
to get to 2 billion
Nearly 7 billion text messages are sent every day*
More than1 billion mobile phones will be sold this year
There are more than 150 million 3GSM** connections
Over 60 countries have launched Mobile Broadband (HSPA) networks 64%
ofmobile users are in emerging markets***

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#1 Peter Richter
09/09/2007 - 18:23 | Warnen spam
Ach ja, wie schön war es doch damals , als die Gepràchsminute
noch ATS 5,20 (EUR 0,38) kostete und die Mobilkom der einzige
Netzbetreiber war :-)

Ach ja, und die Grundgebühr kostete damals - glaub ich - ATS 420,00
(EUR 30,52)

Gruß, Peter

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