Accessing Dialog Arguments.

22/11/2008 - 23:45 von Greg Maxey | Report spam
Posting here on recommendation and hoping Christian FreBdorf reads English.

I have been trying to access the "Modify Building Block" dialog that is
presented when you select "Edit Properties" on the Building Blocks

I have cycled through the dialogs from 1 to 4000+ and it just doesn't appear
to exist in the dialog collection.

Next I thought I would try to modify one of the related dialogs.


Displays one of the Create Building Block dialogs. I though that I could
present it then exit its caption and programmatically set some of its field

I can't figure out how to read or set the values that appears in the dialogs
fields. I tried the following, but each msgbox line returns and error.

Any ideas on how to read or set these values programmatically? Thanks.

Sub Test()
With Dialogs(2039)
If .Show = 0 Then
MsgBox .Name
MsgBox .Gallery
MsgBox .Category
MsgBox .Description
MsgBox .SaveIn
MsgBox .Options
End If
End With
End Sub

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#1 Christian Freßdorf
27/11/2008 - 07:57 | Warnen spam
Hi Greg,

you got an answer by Mail


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