ACPI Status register

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mjg59 und USA-Patent Application No. 571475 filed on 2000-05-16 schreiben
von einem 'ACPI Status Register':
""To accommodate the evolving power management technology, the Peripheral
Component Interconnect (PCI) bus specification has been revised to
designate one of the previously reserved card connector pins as a Power
Management Event (PME#) signal. Asserting the PME# signal (by driving it
low) sets the wake status bit in the ACPI status register (in
ACPI-compliant systems) or otherwise initiates the wake-up process of the
Ich kann den Begriff in der ACPI-Spezifikation 3.0b nicht
Welches Statusregister ist damit gemeint?

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Am Sat, 01 Sep 2007 14:18:01 +0000 schrieb Detlef Lechner:

Welches Statusregister ist damit gemeint?

PM1a_STS und PM1b_STS.

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