After Sp3 HTML contents not shown correctly

18/10/2007 - 14:05 von Kevin | Report spam
we provide Helpdesk mails informing the users that some issue is around ot
that any maintenance will done. These mails are sent using Outtlook and
avail. on an internal website too. When clicking on a infomail a new Outlook
window shows up, presenting the HTML contents onf that mail.

Since installing Sp3 on the client, the html text is still shown, but any
borders or color stripes around the text is gone. We doublechecked and the
issue does not occur when SP3 is not installed on the client.

Any ideas ? THX a lot

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#1 Christian Göller
18/10/2007 - 14:20 | Warnen spam
Kevin, you wrote on 18.10.2007:


This is a german newsgroup. Please ask in:

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Christian Goeller

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