Announcement: Free Pascal Compiler Delphi XE Port Project

08/04/2011 - 11:41 von Skybuck Flying | Report spam

I have finished with Phase 1 of the Free Pascal Compiler Delphi XE Port

All code with porting issue's have been disabled by me.

(The RTL is not used, instead small portions of it where copied to
unit_skybuck_types.pas for the time being).

By disabling/commenting all code porting issue's it's now possible to fully
compile the free pascal compiler in Delphi XE which should be a great help
to programmers all over the world that want to help with this new project !

Programmers should now be able to fix any bug in any file, they can all
working in parallel.

This project is open to anybody skilled enough at fixing porting issue's...
these are probably/hopefully little issue's like... fixing pascal-array
features which are not supported in Delphi. (How to exactly fix these
issue's could be further discussed perhaps via e-mail, a forum,
newsgroups... not sure yet where we could discuss this... I'll probably
setup a nice little forum for us to communicate via the website... )

I also hope that the original developers of free pascal might take a little
peak and perhaps help out at fixing their own compiler so it becomes
"portable" again.

You should have and/or install a latest version of Delphi... (Delphi XE
preferably) that would be great... then you have all the advanced tools that
you need to fix this code ! ;) =D

Perhaps your code might even benefit from this. Perhaps it's also easier to
navigate to certain things.

Do see SkybuckChanges.txt to see what I did to source code...

I shall also paste a link to the source code right here so you don't have to
wrestly through that somewhat whacky/messy website ;):

Good luck to all and may the force be with you ! ;) =D


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#1 Skybuck Flying
10/04/2011 - 16:33 | Warnen spam

Little blog:

I have experimented with subversion + google code hosting + delphi xe
build-in subversion client + rapid svn.
I spent a whole day trying to figure this stuff out but with success.
The subversion experience seems slow therefore I have trimmed down the
project to an absolute minimum of files so that downloads/checkouts can
happen fastly.
So in short: I have now setup a subversion server so that we could work in
However this will not be your typical subversion experience, since I have my
own versioning methods and I don't really like subversion... it's too slow
and fok-ups are just around the corner...
However it will come in handy for this phase2 and it will come in handy for
parallel work.
After the parallel work/fixes have been completed the trunk/revisions will
probably again be removed, or perhaps it will be stored for historic
reasons... however new branches will be created for further experimentation.
Zip files will probably be main way of distributing all necessary files but
perhaps I might change my mind later on... and perhaps I will start to use
subversion more seriously... for now don't count on it staying up long ;)
So if you want to join in with fixing free pascal compiler so that it can be
successfully compiled in Delphi XE then here is your big chance to join in !
;) =D
Meanwhile you can also gain some experience with subversion... it's actually
quite fun now that I am getting the hang of it and understand it a little
bit better ;) (I have tried in the past that probably helped ;) :))
Perhaps I will create some little tutorials maybe even some video's to help
you started with working with subversion, delphi and this project.
For now this little help right here will have to do (all subversion-noobies
are welcome ! ;) :)):

What do you need to participate in this project:

1. Delphi XE
2. A subversion client (Delphi XE should have one build in, otherwise
download Rapid SVN (it's free)).
3. A google account.
4. The following information, enter this subversion link into your client

My advice is to select the "fpc-build" folder and download/check it out to
your computer.


Copy & paste the folder name to a new folder on your computer, and rename it
as follows, example:


For now you can only download the sources via svn (subversion), but you
should also be able to make changes,
simply use Delphi XE to make changes/fixes to files.

5. For you to be able to commit (send fixes to the subversion server) I need
to add you as a "project member".
I need to add your e-mail which you associated with your google account to
the "project committers" list.
Once I did that you should be able to "commit" your changes.

So if you want to participate in this project send me an e-mail:

Then I will put you on the committers list and you can go have some fun ! ;)

In case subversion is too difficult for you or you don't like it or you just
want to have the latest files then here is the latest
I removed all unnecessary files and it has become much smaller and much more
easy maintainable me thinks for the time being (i386/x86 only ;))
(However it should be able to later integrate changes back into the main
releases, so don't worry about that ;))

I hope some of you will join, that would be cool ! ;) =D

Bye for now,

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