Anybody Interested in Gemstones project in Tanzania (Gold, Tanzanites & Green Tourmaline)

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Hello, i'm Timberson from Tanzania a graduate (2011) form the college of tourism. I join this group because it's useful to me and also got good broad vision.
I've been conducting a research in mining and minerals here in Tanzania once after finishing university because I was jobless then, very interested in gemstones and i'm trying hard to find opportunity now in gemstone industry. So I encounter a huge about this precious resource. There are so much availability of varieties of gems like Green Tourmalines, Sapphires, Tanzanite and Gold in so many places around here. local people have been involving in digging up and extract it in some extent but the ability has been very little and many failed due to the lack of appropriate geology skills and capital as well.
I'm writing this to consult you if you are interested and have and ability you can contact me to discuss this in detail. or you can visit me here in Arusha-Tanzania, it is easy and cheap, to have a thorough overview and discussion on this! Never hesitate anything, I'm free, care, open minded, outbox thinker, versatile and friendly! You can also visit my blog
My aim is to be a gemstone broker and if I'll find an investor or someone to support small mine here it would be very beautiful.
Thanks very much, and you are welcome!

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On 2012-12-11 00:42, wrote:

Thanks very much, and you are welcome!

You too!



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