best broadband router ???

06/09/2007 - 17:08 von Tha Snipe | Report spam
Hello all,

I'm having trouble with stability on my USR maxg router, it loses connection
I also tried in the past the WRT300N, but the range sucks, half of the time
my pc did not find the router.
One of my first routers was a ASUS WL-500g, this one was nice, good range
and nice stability (too bad i sold this one for the WRT300N...)

I would like to have some back-up from you all for my next router.
I'm using broadband (cable) internet from Telenet (Belgium) and we have 2
laptops wireless connected.
The only thing i want is a very stable router with a good range.
I'm just using the router for visiting internet sites and email, sometimes
some downloads but not much.
I would like to keep using the internal wifi card of the pc, so 54g (or
faster) is oké

Now it's your turn, what is the best broadband router for me to buy ?
It does not has to be the latest new router, some older types can do to.

many thanks !!!

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#1 arnstein
06/09/2007 - 22:35 | Warnen spam
For quality and stability, I like the Buffalo Technology wireless routers.
My WHR-HP-G54 and WLI-TX4-G54HP have been working well, without calling
attention to themselves, for monthes.

I believe that you would have to step up to enterprise level products
like Cisco's small routers (think big $) to get more reliable service.
David Arnstein (00)
arnstein+ {{ }}

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