CRM mit Sharepoint Verknüpfen

03/11/2008 - 09:41 von Dennis | Report spam
Hallo weis vielleicht jemand wie ma den Sharepoint mit dem CRM verknüpft oder
auch anderst herum!?

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#1 Michael Sulz
03/11/2008 - 10:09 | Warnen spam
Hallo Dennis,

auf der Website gibt es
ein sehr schönes Beispiel dazu. Ich habe den Text mal angefügt

How to Integrate SharePoint with Microsoft CRM

Click here to download the files

Integrating Microsoft CRM with SharePoint is often highly desired, SharePoint
is an excellent document management tool and the list management features
are unmatched. I have found many examples of SharePoint integration but none
of them seemed to be particularly good, they either pointed to generic document
libraries or did not provide sufficient information to bring the two products
together in a seamless manner.
We have been able to produce a level of integration that I believe is sufficient
enough for most companies – the main features of the solution I am about
to explain are:
§ Automatic creation of document libraries
§ Linking document libraries to entities
§ Removal of SharePoint chrome to provide an integrated look and feel
The technologies utilised are:
§ SharePoint web services
§ CRM I frames
Our implementation focused around the integration of a sales opportunity
with a SharePoint library for proposal management (the same project can be
applicable to any entity in Microsoft CRM). The key requirements were:
§ An opportunity should have its own folder within the SharePoint proposal
§ An opportunity should recognise if a folder existed, if not a user should
be able to create a folder on demand from within the CRM opportunity
§ The library should automatically open a proposal template when the user
clicks the new button on the SharePoint page (from within CRM)
We have made the project available as a download where you can view and
utilise the code in your own project. n order to utilise this project you
will need to do the following:
1) Download the project to a location on your development system
2) Open the project in visual studio and add a web reference to your SharePoint
list, the web service can be found in http:///_vti_bin/lists.asmx ensure
you provide the name of your sub site if you are utilising a more complex
site structure.
3) Edit the code behind file to update any references to the web service
url (change http://yoursharepointwebsite/_vti_bin/lists.asmx) and edit the
response.redirect at the end of the file to your own website.
4) Publish the page to your web server
You can now add an iframe (ensuring to select to pass the record id to
the iframe) to the opportunity entity and then link it to this website. This
will now provide you with excellent integration capabilities; you can improve
on this by adding a content editor web part onto your document library page
and adding the following script to it:
.ms-navframe { display: none; }
Any additional chrome can be removed via SharePoint designer 2007. The
final step is to edit the template associated with the document library;
you can also extend this by including custom document information panels
that prompt the user for required information when they open the new template.
The end result is a very slick integrated tab within Microsoft CRM that displays
a document library or allows the user to create one with a single button
Click here to download the files

mit freundlichen Grüßen

Michael Sulz

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