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30/06/2009 - 23:48 von WM | Report spam
Alexander Zenkin: OPEN LETTER

TO: The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic
CC: The International Mathematical Union

Dear Professor Blass,

As you certainly guessed, the question is not only about a publication
of my comments "Whether the Lord Exists in G. Cantor's Transfinite
'Paradise'" to the scandally-known, quasi-"pedagogical" W. Hodges'
paper "An Editor Recalls Some Hopeless Papers" [...] in your BSL-
journal. The question is about much more important problems. I believe
that BSL-papers like the W. Hodges' one are a dangerous phenomenon
from scientific, educational, and social points of view. There are the
following reasons to state that.

1. The main conclusion of the W. Hodges' paper that "there is nothing
wrong with Cantor's argument" is wrong fundamentally and therefore,
having been proclaimed in the BSL, such a conclusion disorients a wide
scientific community (pedagogical, mathematical, logical,
philosophical, cognitive psychological, etc. ones) as to one of the
most important problems of the humankind culture as a whole - the
problem on the veritable nature of Infinity.

2. The high symbolic logic level of the BSL-publications is a
recognized standard of a meta-mathematical thinking and an attractive
pattern for young generations of meta-mathematicians and symbolic
logicians. However a one-sided publishing BSL-policy (not to publish
points of view differing from the traditional set theoretical opinion)
deprives the young generation of the democratic right to make
independently its own scientific choice between two historical,
contradictory points of view as to the true nature of Infinity: i.e.,
between the today traditional Cantor's and all modern axiomatic set
theory's opinion, on the one hand, and the opinion of Aristotle,
Leibniz, Kant, Gauss, Cauchy, Kronecker, Hermite, Poincare, Bair,
Borel, Brouwer, Wittgenstein, Weil, Luzin, Quine, and today - Sol.
Feferman, Ja. Peregrin, V. Turchin, P. Vopenka, etc. [...]

3. One of the most important reasons for my flat objection against the
W. Hodges' and similar meta-mathematical papers is their deforming
influence on mathematical education and their dangerous social
consequences as a whole. As far back as the middle of 50s of the XX
century, the outstanding American mathematician, John von Neumann
[...] warned: "Too much formalization and symbolization in the theory
of mathematics is dangerous for the healthy development of the science
of mathematics".

Fortsetzung folgt.

Gruß, WM

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#1 Herbert Newman
01/07/2009 - 00:04 | Warnen spam
Am Tue, 30 Jun 2009 14:48:06 -0700 (PDT) schrieb WM:

Alexander Zenkin: OPEN LETTER

[bla bla bla]

Dieses Geblubber war eine Reaktion auf:

From: Andreas Blass []
Date: 17 August 2001, 21:01
Subject: your paper

Dear Professor Zenkin,

In view of the report appended below, I regret to inform you that "Some
Comments to W. Hodges' Paper as to Whether the Lord Exists in G. Cantor's
Transfinite 'Paradise'" is not suitable for publication in the Bulletin of
Symbolic Logic.

Sincerely yours,
Andreas Blass



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