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Alexander Zenkin: OPEN LETTER (Schluss)

The “clinical” picture of the “bourbakism” drawn by Prof. Arnold
verily can be called a mental Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome of
brain, i.e., shortly a MENTAL-AIDS. As an experience testifies, the
MENTAL-AIDS is a very infectious illness which affects especially easy
an unprotected kid’s brain, unfortunately, without any perspective to
get well: as far back as XVIII c. the great English philosopher G.
Berkeley said that "a human-being mind, immersed in high level
abstractions from a young age, loses an adequate perception of the
real world to its adult age".

I shouldn't be surprised if many parents of modern schoolboys/girls
and students would like to bring an action against modern Cantorians
and their official "scientific" communities and journals because of
their deliberate cultivation and propagation of such the dreadful
infectious social disease as that MENTAL-AIDS.

However that may be, today, in the very beginning of the XXI Century,
we have a much more painful diagnosis concerning prospects of modern
mathematics and mathematical education.

I state and can prove that the main historical source of this
dangerous social illness is just the modern cantorianism with its pure
abstract, ambitious transfinite constructions with an empty ontology,
based upon the only Cantor's theorem on the uncountability of real
numbers. [...]

I am sure that there is a lot of judicious mathematicians and simply
provident parents of future mathematicians of genius who would not
like that their children became "formal machines" used to execute
criminal, terroristic, anti-human "deductive" plans. I hope to have
their active support.

Nobody, including the BSL-team, will save the Cantor's transfinite

Sincerely yours,
Alexander Zenkin [...]

P.S.1. I have attentively read the enclosed BSL-reviewer's report
[...] and regret too that the report reviewer distorted the sense of
the Comments-1 deliberately, high professionally and fundamentally,
and misled you and the mathematical and symbolic logic community as to
the important problems touched upon in the Comments-1. [...]

P.S.2. [...] my system VISAD (for VISual Anaysis of Data), based on
the Cognitive Computer Graphics (CCG) conception, has fulfilled a
comparative analysis of CCG-images of the W. Hodges' paper text and
the anonymous BSL-reviewer's report text and has established that the
both authors are the same face < are as like as two peas >. - It is
quite interesting result from the professional scientific ethics point
of view, is not so?


Gruß, WM

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Alexander Zenkin: OPEN LETTER (Schluss)

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