Desktop icons change position after reboot or undocking

30/07/2008 - 20:43 von Pokeedog | Report spam
My desktop icons are constantly changing their location, the icons keep
moving around and won't stay put. I've searched everywhere on the web trying
to find a solution.

I don't have Auto Arrange checked, I've installed restore desktop software
but it doesn't keep the icons the same, it just puts them back. My taskbar is

This is very frustrating because I keep the docs I work with each day on my
desktop. I need to access many of them multiple times. Since I undock and
redock frequently, I wast alot of time trying to find out where windows put
my icon.


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#1 Stefan Velten
30/07/2008 - 21:04 | Warnen spam
Pokeedog schrieb:


Aha, you anonymer Schnorrer can auch in english posten.
You find bestimmt a gute Seele who wird Dir helfen.
Aber auch wenn hier so manche Spezies Dir gutmütig helfen, You are and
bleibst an unsympathic Schnorrer und es hilft Dir keine Verkleidung, Du
wirst doch erkannt!!!
Du entwischst uns nicht!

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