Deterministische Verschränkung

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ist zu lesen, dass nun die dertiministische Verschrànkung machbar sei:

"Entanglementonce only a subject of disputes about the foundation of
quantum mechanicshas today become an essential issue in the emerging
field of quantum information processing, promising a number of
applications, including secure communication, teleportation and powerful
quantum computation. Therefore, a focus of current experimental work in
the field of quantum information is the creation and manipulation of
entangled quantum systems. Here, we present our results on entangling
two qubits in an ion-trap quantum processor not through a direct
interaction of the ion qubits but instead through the action of a
protocol known as entanglement swapping1. Our ion-trap system enables us
to implement all steps of the entanglement swapping protocol in a fully
deterministic way. Thus, two ion qubits can be prepared on demand in a
well-defined entangled state. This particular feature may facilitate the
implementation of quantum repeaters2 or aid in distributing entangled
states in ion-trap quantum computers3.

Ist das schon der Durchbruch zur ftl Infomationsübertragung?

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ist zu lesen, dass nun die dertiministische Verschrànkung machbar sei:

Kann ich nicht so sehen, dass das da steht.

Von dertiministischer Verschrànkung steht da nichts.

Gemeint ist wohl dies:
"It is possible to entangle two photons that have never interacted before
by using two down-conversion sources and then subjecting one photon from
each entangled pair to a Bell-state measurement. This causes the other two
photons, which have never interacted, to become entangled."

Das halte ich aber für ein Màrchen, so wie es da geschildert ist.
Da sind mal wieder die sci-fi Physiker am Werk.

Selber denken macht klug.

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