Die Gaskammer-Lüge ist Verleumdung der Deutscher

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Die Gaskammer-Lüge ist Verleumdung der Deutscher

Watch the Alternative Tour of Auschwitz: An Independent Investigation
of the Holocaust:

The average man 'knows' the Holocaust exists because:

1) everybody uses the term;
2) he has seen photos of stacked bodies;
3) he has watched a thousand Nazi 'documentaries' on TV;
4) authorities agree that questioning any of this is 'hate.'

In other words, the average man believes in the Holocaust for no
logical reason, but out of simple mammalian conformity. You will
notice that never, ever does debate in the captive media condescend
to deconstruct the Zionist Privilege embodied in and sanctified by
the designer label 'Holocaust.' Worship the Zionists and submit to
their demands - that is the effect the term Holocaust has.

The evidence for the gassing is never discussed. Photos of
crematories and bodies stacked like cord wood are shown. No context
or explanation of the reason for showing them is given. The
connection is to be assumed. But never is any ordinary evidence, let
alone proof, of the gassing allegation advanced. That Jews were
gassed is treated as though it were already proved and therefore
unquestionable, save by the depraved. Thus, the practical job of the
media and the well intentioned everyman is to smear and ostracize
anybody who argues against settled truth. We all know that Jews were
gassed, and that those who say otherwise are deniers driven by hate.
But it ain't so just because "everybody knows" it is.

We are told repeatedly that the 'Holocaust' is both the worst thing
that ever happened and the best documented thing in human history. We
are to take these assertions on authority, since no genuine debate is

There are men who can prove the 'Holocaust' is a Big Lie. You can
find them in jail. Their imprisonment is scarcely mentioned in the
mass media. Their imprisonment goes unlamented by the mass
columnists. To discuss these men and their work would endanger the
Propa-sphere the media construct. They must disappear. But we know,
mass media. And we're not going away. We're getting louder and
stronger. And there's nothing you can do to stop us.


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Die Gaskammer

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