Distinguish bewteen dynamic mass and rest mass

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You said the old scientistists distinguished. Now pay attention:

The new scientists should too.

Why i say that ? Einstein performed special relativistic calculations of the
two body problem.
He used the rest mass for his calculation. He found, that the corrections to
classic Newton
(closed ellipse of mercury) has the opposite sign that was expected. On this
circumstance his GR was

Now: If you take the special relativistic two body problem and place the
dynamic masses
into Newtons gravity law, then you gain the right sign like in GR but you
also get a second first order effect much smaller than the normal perihelion
with Mass of mercury / sun mass, so if this is neglected, then
the special relativistic two body problem makes the same first order
predicxtion as GR for the mercury
perihelion. I proved that analytically. This is really the first time
another theory - SRT
can make the same prediction as GR.

Now lets assume GR is wrong, then the question arise, how to explain light
bending. This can be
explained with same firsat order accuracy as GR, if you give a photon a
dynamic mass according to

m c**2 = hbar w

The frequency shift in potentials is purely conservation of energy and must
be considered
to calculate the bending angle. This Newtonian thory of light bending
delivers same first order result as GR.

Why i say this ?

It is almost 100% prove now, that superluminal and instant effects are
present in our daily environment.
Those effects are normally only observable in small space regions, there are
no far going superluminal effects.
Especially the instant effects clearly withspeak Einstein light cone
causality of SRT.
If Einstein causality is not fulfilled in nature the whole concept of GR
breakes because the instant effects
predict a cosmic time that is every the same and this detroys the base of GR
because room and time are seperate things. Now this the only withspeaking
presently found All other measurements confirmed the relativistic

Now i say that you can cancel GR and go back to the right special
relativistic two body problem with
Newtons Law.

The foundation of modern Gravity is in my opinion:

heavy mass = dynamic mass = velocity dependent mass.

This is the new form of the old equivalence principle. Or in other words:

Each form of energy is subject to gravity even light beams (photons) follow
this rule.

The evidence is that even electrons can have instant tunneling features.

In this form relativity will survive and a cosmos with instant and
superluminal effects can be
brought in ageement with present relativity.

What i say is true. Try it out and you will find that i am saying the truth.


Josef Matz
Steinwandstr. 13

36100 Petersberg - Steinau


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