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23/09/2008 - 14:11 von Michael | Report spam
Hi guys,

Sorry for writing in english but I have no choice. I need some help from
Outlook Express users. I need you to send me the content of first line of the
CSV file resulting from the export of your address book. Please note that I
do not want you to send me the content of your address book, just the first
line that contains the description of each column.

Here is the procedure to export the address book :
1) Launch Outlook Express
2) Make sure that you have at least one contact in your address book. If
not, please make one.
3) In menu bar, select File > Export > Address Book...
4) In popup menu, select Text File (Comma Separated Value)
5) Click on "Export" button
6) On next screen, click on "Browse" button and select the place where you
want the file to be, and choose a name such as "contacts.csv"
7) Click on "Next"
8) Select all fields. I need them all to appear. Typically, you must select
"First name", "Last name", and so on, that were not selected.
9) Then click on "Finish"

Then, open the file you generated, copy the first line only and paste it in
your answser.

I need this information because I am writing a software that must be able to
generate a CSV file that must be parsed by Outlook Express in all european
languages... And as I only have an english version of Outlook Express, I
cannot generate a foreign version of such a CSV file!

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#1 Ottmar Freudenberger
23/09/2008 - 14:22 | Warnen spam
"Michael" schrieb:

Then, open the file you generated, copy the first line only and paste it in
your answser.

Well, you may have asked for the names of the columns only <g>, but
here we go:

Vorname;Nachname;2. Vorname;Name;Rufname;E-Mail-Adresse;Straße (privat);Ort (privat);Postleitzahl (privat);Bundesland
(privat);Land/Region (privat);Rufnummer (privat);Fax (privat);Mobiltelefon;Webseite (privat);Straße (geschàftlich);Ort
(geschàftlich);Postleitzahl (geschàftlich);Bundesland (geschàftlich);Land/Region (geschàftlich);Firmenwebseite;Rufnummer
(geschàftlich);Fax (geschàftlich);Pager;Firma;Position;Abteilung;Büro;Kommentare

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