File Sharing on external hard disc

14/06/2009 - 14:25 von Jim Bunton | Report spam
Windows xp media center edition - fully updated

Problem cannot share a (any!) directory on a usb external hard disc

So far - can share C:\temp
folder options - use simple file sharing
properties > sharing - tick share this folder on the network - tick allow
others to change my files

Same settings for M:\.test [the usb connected external drive]
The directory shows on a networked computer: EntireNetwork > Ms
WindowsNetwork > WorkGroup > hostComputerName >
BUT on attempted access to test > ERROR "Not accessible - you might not have

? what to do to make the shared directory accesible by other network users
on the external hard disc

Jim Bunton

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#1 Helmar
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Jim Bunton schrieb am 14.06.2009 14:25:
Windows xp media center edition - fully updated

Please read description of a group first before sending any tickets. This is
a german group.

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