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Linux Futurist wrote:

I have been considering the following for some time now and I have
reached the irrevocable conclusion that the CLI is the past and GUI
is the future.

If Linux is to compete with other OS's then GUI is the *only* way
forward. This *new reality* is dictated by the needs of those wishing
to migrate from their current OS to Linux.

If the Linux community refuses to recognize this reality by not
offering these potential migrants the assistance they need in
learning how to use the GUI then Linux will wither and die.

Any so called Linux guru who continues to cling to the past and
denounce the GUI will become extinct and irrelevant, assuming they
aren't already.

Entirely too much cross-posting, guy. It just makes everybody angry,
and is no way to advance your point.

But that is/was my point, to make EVERYBODY angry. See below for

But that doesn't make much difference to you, does it? Diplomacy
certainly isn't your strong suit. (Perhaps that's because there's no
really good GUI available for diplomacy.) Your whole post was designed
to inflame to CLI proponents. It wasn't designed to convince them of
the error of their ways, in any. It won't change anybody's mind to
attack their beliefs - it'll just make them dig in deeper.

You are correct on all counts.

That said, there could be more GUI-based help given out for newbies,
without the inherent disdain that's expressed to those who don't wish
to use the CLI. Newbies are bound to use the GUI before they turn to
the CLI, because it's easier to learn and requires less human memory.

You are correct again on all counts.

Even those who aren't newbies use the GUI more than the CLI. I've been
using Linux for nearly seven years, so I've gone beyond newbie status,
and I use the CLI only when there's no other choice. But that's just
me, and what I'm comfortable with. I don't care what anybody else
wants to use.

Nor should you.

But to say that the GUI is the "ONLY" way forward ignores the inherent
usefulness of the CLI. No matter how well a GUI is designed, or how
much you make it do, the CLI will still be able to do more in the
hands of a skilled user. In many cases, when it comes to somewhat
obscure operations, the CLI will be easier to use than navigating your
way through nests of menus to find the one little thing you want to
change. The CLI isn't going away any time soon.

The Future of Linux is a peaceful coexistence of CLI and GUI, where
the user decides which to use according to his needs and comfort. It
is NOT the exclusion of one or the other. And, more education in the
use of both should be available.

The following is for many of you who have followed my thread:

My OP was carefully worded to incite as much controversy as possible, it
was in NO WAY a serious discussion. Except for the *fact* that newbies
DO get more shouts of RTFM or irrational attacks even when they ask
reasonable questions. In one respect that's their own fault for asking
questions on usenet instead of a moderated forum.


Now dear readers all good things must come to an end and this thread has
run it's course so I'm letting it die.

The End


Linux Futurist

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Linux Futurist. wrote:

The End

Only until the next time you nym shift.

Black Dragon

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