25/01/2008 - 21:41 von hossin | Report spam
Hi to all
I create two win forms,
In form1 have a Label (label1) and Button (bottun1),
In form2: I have one Textbox (textbox2) and one Button (button2)
When click on button1 in form1=„»,
I type into textbox2 (in form2 that be shown) ¡§test¡¨,
when click on button2 in form2:
want: form2 have been closed and label1.text fills by textbox2.text

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#1 Kerem Gumrukcu
26/01/2008 - 01:16 | Warnen spam

not only you posted several times the same question to
different newsgroups, additionally you wrote a english
question to a german newsgroup,...

Dont multipost, consider crossposting, stay at your language
(it is more likely you will get respond to your concern!) and
try to use your real name 4 the future,...get used to it!



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