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20/11/2009 - 12:30 von Heinz-Mario Frühbeis | Report spam
Hi my new friend Tatyana!

I've thought that you never more will write.
I've thought that you want to have some information, for what ever and then

And than ... there comes your EMail like a star in the night.
I'm very glad about this.

I want to know YOU!
It is not that you are good (very well) looking.

My "first eye" is always the eyes.
And I want to believe that you are a honest to me.

So let me have one request to you:
You send me your photos. And I like them really (what else) :)
And I've tried to find out where these photos have been made. Possibly in
Omsk I thought.
I found no match about them.

Please let me know where these photos are made. Two of them are made in a
For that I imaging that you like to travel, isn't it?
I like to travel. When ever I have time I like to travel by train. To learn
about land, city, village, people, cultur ...

My day was fine. Thank you! I hope that yours are also.
Today we have a temparatur of nearly 20 Celsius. And the sun is shining all

I hope your new letter will come as soon as possible and you followed my

Yours friend Heinz-Mario

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#1 Heinz-Mario Frühbeis
20/11/2009 - 12:37 | Warnen spam
"Heinz-Mario Frühbeis" schrieb im Newsbeitrag

Das sollte eigentlich privat bleiben !

Hab' nicht drauf geachtet, das ich noch in den NG's war.
Also nichts für ungut. Passiert ist jetzt nun mal passiert und kommt nicht
mehr vor.

viele Grüße

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