How can I recover or repair a virtual disk after a crash?

23/09/2008 - 12:08 von AndreasD | Report spam

On the virtual server the Virtual Server services were restarted while two
VMs were running.
The First VM had Win2k3 the second Vista.
At first after recovering the first from saved state it would start. I could
close the open windows and even restart it.
After the restart, however, it would not start anymore but rather give the
error message
A virtual Server Hard disk could not be accessed with read write access.

The VM had three disks. I disconnected them one by one but the message was
the same for the other two disks then. The message came always for the last
disk (the least crucial for the system).

The two crashLogs show at the end the following message:
Structured exception occurred inside a VM or attached thread.
VMID of crashed VM = 0
Name of crashed VM = JE_W2K3STDSP2EN

Structured exception occurred on an undetermined or a global thread.
Here no VMID is given.

How can I repair the Virtual Disks or get the VM running again?

The second VM (with Vista) I could also start.
It worked absolutely Ok and – in trying to be wise – I scheduled a chkdsk c:
/F /R and did a restart of the VM.
After that the administration Website of the Virtual Server could not be
opened any more but brought the message
The mentioned CGI-application did not return a full set of http-Headers.
(freely translated from me into english)

Can anybody assist?

Thank you

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#1 AndreasD
23/09/2008 - 12:17 | Warnen spam
ist ja ein deutsches Forum.
Daher hier die Fehlermeldung:
Die angegebene CGI-Anwendung hat keinen vollstàndigen Satz von http-Headern

Vielleicht kann man solange wie der Chkdsk làuft nicht auf die Virtual
Server Administrations Website drauf?

Danke für Hinweise.

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