How To Prevent Esophagus Cancer

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How To Prevent Esophagus Cancer
Esophagus cancer occurs in the esophagus near the stomach. Tiny tumors
develop which will eventually spread to other parts of the body. It is
possible to prevent esophagus cancer by managing your acid reflux
symptoms as cancer is caused when the lining of the esophagus is
removed by the acid in the stomach. Very often, your body will cover
the inside of the esophagus with protective tissue. However, this new
tissue could become cancerous.

There are many warning signals of the presence of esophagus cancer;
including vomiting, loss of voice, stomach problems, and blood in
urine. If you notice that you have any of these symptoms for a
prolonged period of time, do see a doctor. Early detection is
important to getting treated before you experience permanent damage to
your esophagus.

If you have acid reflux symptoms, then you can prevent esophagus
cancer by avoiding certain foods. Generally, refrain from foods that
cause stomach to produce more acid than it should. Hence, carbonated
drinks, such as soda, are not recommended. If you drink a can of soda
once a day, more acid will be produced in the stomach to break down
the soda and make it digestible. But the stomach acid produced will be
in excess and will travel up and down the esophagus. This can have
disastrous effects. To manage acid reflux symptoms, there are also
over the counter and prescription drugs available.

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