Kirkus Review of DNA of Mathematics

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Kirkus Review of DNA of Mathematics


Recently "Kirkus Reviews" published their note about the DNA of Mathematics. See:

Their assessment of my math notions is generally accurate, however my lacks of organization or credibility were criticized.

In some degree, many issues involved, particularly about relativity and Einstein, among others, which each topic is a book to be written about it and clarify issues. In one book of 250 pages and so, one cannot explain everything.

I may write in the future another book to explain more of the connections noted in the review.

In about 3 months "Differential Equations and Polynomials" Volume 1, for professional mathematicians and scientists will be available. Please look for it.

This will be published by "Infinity Publishing", and has a CD of about 70 PDF files of my computations on Maple 18. (You can easily translate it to other software like mathematica).

Many applications regarding integrations and classical equations like new Bessel solutions are discussed with new methods on Riccati equations. Also quintic equations and polynomials solved within Riccati DNA using programing.

This is an introductory level, and intermediate level in Volume 2 will be published next year .The advanced volume will be in Volume 3 (2 years later).

Generally my 30 years files will produce 5 volumes of this series each published in a year.

Volume 1 contains computations of my 20-30 years ago, see how math community is behaving.

Since then computer memory has been much developed, so I have to re -calculate my files for better results on more computer memory.


Dr.Mehran Basti

Retired mathematician

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I have noticed that someone commented about my book, in the "Customer Reviews."

First of all the person is anonymous, and did not mention any names, institution, etc.

Secondly, he/she reported from what is written on "Look inside" features of the Amazon, or Google books, or my postings on the newsgroups.

Thus this could be from anyone, minority groups, religious or non-religious or others, such as math institutions and establishment, journals, even Amazon, or Kirkus, etc.

I do not believe it is appropriate to allow anonymous customers, interfere in free business issues, unless they clearly identify themselves.

Because that identification, brings some reasons for their motivations.

By not reading the book, the anonymous writer missed a lot about overall picture of the book.

My reasons of questioning some of Einstein's ideas and his relativity, as well as Hawking's status as a scientist.

I did apply mathematics methods, to reject the expansion of the universe, thus Big Bang theory, despite the fact that I am not physicist.

Kirkus report sited a part that I am not physicist, but missed the portion that what DNA of mathematics says about the universe.

DNA of mathematics was written for the general public in mind, and many issues were interconnected, and I had only chance to outline them, each is a book to talk and write about.

I hope Amazon will request customer reviewers identify themselves, no criticism is pure.

Religious groups have one view; others may have different ones, including minorities, etc.

I do not mind at all criticism of the book, but not without seeing the whole picture, which certainly missed in the advertisements of Amazon.


Dr.Mehran Basti
Retired mathematician.

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