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23/10/2007 - 12:05 von Andy W. | Report spam
Hallo Ihr Server Guru's

bin mir nicht sicher ob das hier hin paßt, aber wenn ich einen KMS Server
für Vista Deploy installieren so funktioniert dieser erst ab 25
installierten/aktiven Vista Rechnern, was in einer Testphase und
Testumgebung kaum möglich ist, oder habe ich das falsch verstanden.


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#1 Amos Walker
25/10/2007 - 19:32 | Warnen spam
So steht es zumindest hier:

Key Management Service (KMS) Key
Key Management Service (KMS) enables organizations to perform local
activations for computers in a managed environment without connecting to
Microsoft individually. A KMS Key is used to enable the Key Management
Service on a machine controlled by an organization's system administrator.
KMS usage is targeted for managed environments where more than 25 computers
are consistently connected to the organization's network. Computers running
Windows Vista activate by connecting to a central Windows Vista computer
running the KMS service.
After initializing KMS, the KMS activation infrastructure is
self-maintaining. Users can install a KMS key and enable the KMS service on
Windows Vista systems. The KMS service can easily be co-hosted with other
services, and it does not require any additional software for downloading or
installing. Windows Server 2003 KMS service for Volume Activation 2.0 is
currently under development with expected availability in 2007. A single KMS
host can support hundreds of thousands of KMS clients. It is expected that
most organizations will be able to operate with just two KMS hosts for their
entire infrastructure (one main KMS host and one backup host for
A KMS host must have at least 25 physical Windows Vista clients connected to
it before any of them will activate. Systems operating in virtual machine
(VM) environments can also be activated using KMS, but they do not
contribute to the system count.
Clients must renew their activation by connecting to the KMS Host at least
once every 180 days. Clients not yet activated will attempt to connect with
the KMS host every two hours (value configurable). Once activated, they will
attempt to connect to the KMS host every seven days (value configurable) and
if successful will renew their 180-day activation life span. Clients locate
the KMS host using one of the two methods:
Auto-Discovery, in which a KMS client uses domain name service records to
automatically locate a local KMS host.
Direct connection, where a system administrator specifies the KMS host
location and communication port.
Clients have a 30-day grace period to complete activation. Clients not
activated within this time period will go into Reduced Functionality Mode
As mentioned above, KMS clients activated with KMS periodically try to renew
their activation. If they are unable to connect to a KMS host for more than
180 days, they enter a 30-day grace period, after which they enter RFM until
a connection can be made with a KMS host, or until a MAK is installed and
the system is activated online or via telephone. This feature prevents
computers that have been removed from the organization from functioning
indefinitely without adequate license coverage.

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