Like a slug

02/05/2008 - 17:01 von Jim Bunton | Report spam
IE 7.0.5730..11 WindowsXp 5.1.2600
all updates installed

Internet Explorer keeps running like a slug

eg - all using one tab only open
search for (sits and does nothing)
close down IE tryagain (instant)
click the Images option pn Altavista - takes forever
Google maps - trowbridge - fast but the stcks on Zoom in
Google images > advanced search "Ships" now it's really fast again!
Google maps again N7 7Rs - sits waiting with the connecting icon going round
and round and round for ages
gets there - pan the map new images loading very slowly - give in!
Try again - take three goes for it to load
then when it loads reports > 10,000 megabits/sec
Google maps "Trowbridge" fast at first but then on Zoom In starts to
faulter - remaining images getting slower and slower.
reports no maps at this zoom level - when I know it has!

My isp reports I'm getting 5.24 megabits reporst that I'm getting better than 10
,000megabits with a ping of 606 milliseconds
[but it takes three foes to get speed test to load]

Two Virus/Spyware applications [PC Guard, f-Secure]
cleared temporary internet files
severely cut the number of files in the recycle bin

Jim Bunton

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#1 Kai Schaetzl
02/05/2008 - 17:39 | Warnen spam
Please repost to microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general
The "de" in this newsgroup stands for Deutsch aka German ;-)

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