Linux-freundliche Notebook-Hersteller?

20/12/2007 - 11:08 von Visvanath Ratnaweera | Report spam
Hello NG

Gibt es Etwas wie Linux-freundliche Notebook-Hersteller unter den
in der Schweiz erhàltlichen Marken?

Ich meine nicht unbedingt die Hardware/Treiber-Unterstützung vom
Hersteller. Da werde ich mich vor dem Kauf erkundigen.

Auch nicht "Windows-Refund". Der Kàufer hat mit Windows 2000, XP und
KDE gearbeitet und wird auf dem neuen Notebook 99% mit Linux arbeiten.
Ein Windows XP (im Dualboot) lassen wir drin, für "Debug"-Zwecke,
z.B. zu lokalisieren ob ein neues Peripherie-Geràt defekt ist.

Ich meine, es gibt manche Hersteller, die versuchen einem Windows
Vista aufzuzwingen. Nicht mal ein Downgrade auf XP ist geduldet.
Siehe die angehàngte ./ Meldung. :-(

Was sind eure Erfahrungen?


"last weekend I bought a new laptop when my old one crapped out.
Obviously it had Vista, so I tried to use it for a couple of days.
Between the fact it was abysmally slow, consumed a gig of memory just
sitting there, kept asking me if I wanted to do things (yes, I know
about limited user privileges, but this is Windows, for god's sake,
where everything needs administrator), and I couldn't find a damn thing,
well... the best compliment I could give it was that it was pretty. Add
to that the fact I don't even get a damned OS install disk anymore, and
I was significantly less than thrilled about its long term

So, I decided to downgrade (upgrade?) back to XP. HP's own website
basically said "DON'T DO IT, MAN, IT'LL NEVER WORK" and provided exactly
no XP drivers, only Vista. Yeah, like I'm going to believe that. So I
did, and after nearly ten hours of collecting drivers from other sources
(occasionally having to change vendor IDs and the like to get them to
load), I had it running perfectly.

The thing that bugs me most is that HP has the drivers - the hardware in
this new box isn't anything all that revolutionary, or different from
what was found in their old XP offerings. There's no reason they
couldn't have put up the necessary XP drivers - most of them I got from
HP's site, just under other models. The only possible explanation is
that MS is sitting in the background, threatening to flog them mightily
if they dared not do everything possible to push this steaming pile
known as Vista upon us.

Oh, and yes, it dual-boots into Ubuntu 7.10 just fine."

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#1 Markus Grob
20/12/2007 - 21:12 | Warnen spam
Visvanath Ratnaweera schrieb:

Gibt es Etwas wie Linux-freundliche Notebook-Hersteller unter den
in der Schweiz erhàltlichen Marken?

Dell kannst Du glaube ich ohne Betriebssystem haben. Auch haben die
meisten Hersteller bei den Business-Geràten noch XP als Alternative.

Im Geschàft bootet mein Dell neben XP noch ein Suse.

Grss, Markus

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