Lisa-Käufer werden nachträglich entschädigt

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das sind ja mal gute Nachrichten!


Jobs Offers Apple Lisa
Early Adopters Store Credit
By Brian Briggs

Cupertino, CA - Early adopters of the iPhone weren't the only ones
receiving in-store credit from Steve Jobs. In an overlooked
announcement, Jobs said that early adopters of the Apple Lisa would be
receiving a $7000 in-store credit.

Apple released the Lisa in January of 1983 for $9,995, and the similar
Macintosh was released a year later for $2,495.
"I've felt bad about people who bought the Lisa for a long time. Anybody
who bought one of the first Apple Lisas really got screwed," said Jobs.
"Now that we've got some cash, I think it's about time we made it

People interested in the refund will need to bring in an original
receipt showing they bought the Lisa in 1983 and proof of purchase from
the Apple Lisa box. Sales figures from that year show that if all
people who bought the computer claim the refund, Apple could be liable
for almost $70,000.


Das iPhone kommt uns 68k-Mac-lern zugute!


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Goetz Hoffart wrote:

Das iPhone kommt uns 68k-Mac-lern zugute!

Na hoffentlich hast Du noch einen Original- Beleg ;-)
"Der Dànemark den Ràucherlachs
Norwegen seines Rauchgeschmacks!"

Stephan Junkes

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