MI5 Persecution: Battersea Library 29/3/99 (7845)

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Battersea Library 29/3/99

Certainty level: 60%

This one is quite dull. During the month of March 1999, MI5 made another
determined attempt to "get" me, substantially through radio programmes,
through Jon Snow on Channel Four News, and through abuse in public, of
which this is one example.

Recorded on my minidisc-walkman on Monday 29 March 1999, this audio file
consists of two girls talking. One says to the other, "he's got something
wrong with him." The usual words. How many millions a year do the Security
Service waste on this? But they've denied it - how silly of me to forget.
And they're not liars either, are they?


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#1 MI5
17/11/2007 - 18:41 | Warnen spam
Glad we could help, we'll be right here to persecute you until you stop
posting this crap all over the net.

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