net send to local user

09/12/2007 - 13:37 von tiler | Report spam
Sending a message by "net send" is not possible to users that are logged in
locally on a Windows 2003 R2 server.
At the same time it is possible to post messages to users that are logged in
by an RDP session. If the message is sent from a local user or from a RDP
user or from another PC does not matter. It is just a problem to not receive
messages that are sent to other users successfully.
It is attempted e.g. to send a message to all users by "net send *
TestMessage". While RDP users get the message a user which is logged in
locally at the same time is not receiving this message.
May be there is some security policy that needs to be aligned to get local
users receive this kind of message.
E.g. normal users are not allowed to log in locally by default. To make this
available it is necessary to activate an appropriate local policy for the
domain controller. I was looking for a similar policy for messaging but did
not find it.
The Windows 2003 R2 server is configured as Domain Controller and Terminal
Services server.
Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

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#1 Martin Kubla
10/12/2007 - 12:33 | Warnen spam
i can't see any problems with my server 2003 R2.
The first person, logged in with the username get's the message.
So, if you log on SERVER1 with username MARTIN, the name MARTIN[03h] is
registered with IP from SERVER1.
Now, you may log on SERVER2 with MARTIN, but the message is send to MARTIN


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