neue Beta The Bat! 6.2.12

06/02/2014 - 22:03 von Marina Schnell | Report spam
Hallo zusammen,

was wurde geàndert:

[-] "List index out of bounds" error when root certificate isn't
provided in TLS session
[-] Address fields with international characters are incorrectly
encoded if message body is empty
[+] Option to compact Folders on exit only when deleted messages
exceed used-defined rate
[-] International characters was handled incorrectly when importing
Google Contacts
[-] HTML text was doubled if there was <pre> part with international
characters in it
[-] (#0000314) AV when using "/REFILTER" parameter from command line
und die 64bit:



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#1 Fritz
07/02/2014 - 09:10 | Warnen spam
Am 06.02.14 22:03, schrieb Marina Schnell:
und die 64bit:

Wie ich sehe gibt es nun auch schon 64 Bit Varianten.

Laufen die auch unter Windows Emulationen wie Crossover/Wine?


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