Note about my books

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Note about my books


In my book "DNA of Mathematics" I have emphasized respect of religions of world as well as separation of religion and state (Strongly believe in it).

Both reviewers of book ignored it. May be they did not like my inserts taken from the book "Mein Kampf."

Certainly, events of WWII are going to be in our minds for the centuries to come.

First we need to be reminded of "Evil" and keep an eye on its intentions.

Thus I tried to more educate our young readers through many excellent war movies; I have seen myself in the 60's.

In volume1 book "Differential Equations and Polynomials," I have spoken not in words but through over 200 color images on PDF files.

These are about the respect of Religion and Science and independence of each domain of studies, also separation of Church and state.

We have also images about environment, which is very essential for us and our children and those coming centuries after us. As well as income inequalities.

I strongly believe that in the next 50 years we need to get help from our outer space resources, in order to solve our massive problems on the earth.

Thus space research is vital for our long term survival.

I hope The USA and The European Union (also Russia) will have firm investment on this project.

I hope also China and India develop their space programs such that they can get energy and minerals form nearby planets, in order to serve their massive populations (over a billion each).

I firmly believe current new mathematics will be an instrument for such projects 50 years from now.

Yes, look at the technology in 1915 and today's one.

We need to keep science and mathematics free, particularly from influence of religions, governments and academic power struggles.


Dr.Mehran Basti

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I have to clarify that we have got a lot of solving on my PDF files of CDs.

Computations are very heavy and lengthy. You need to have at least 4 GB memory on computer.

Some PDF files contain over 400 pages of computations.

Volume 1 is fully instructional. It will teach you step by step basics of the new methods.

Images are there to better communicate, and you get not much tired seeing long programming.

Beautiful nature and flower images allow you to stay on the file and continue solving.

You may run a polynomial of degree much higher than 9, and get its forms and solutions, depending on the memory of your computer.

Combinations increases astronomically with degree of polynomial, eventually it will not be easy to handle hundreds of cases by yourself.

You may need a team work.

Well, for each solved polynomial, we can obtain variety of solved differential equations with integration applications.

We are in this new math connected to new galaxies of transformations.

I cannot wait one or two months to see 35 years hard work presented in a nice way.

Yes, I am confident many of our outer -space problems particularly speed will be solved with this new math.

Get ready for 10 million new solved equations (yearly) for our computer memory.

For solving massive earth problems 50 years later, we need to plan today. Mathematics, science and technology are the way to do.


Dr.Mehran Basti

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