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Zum Ausklang der nàrrischen Zeit ...:


/ composed by a piece of software called SCIgen, which
/ randomly combines strings of words to produce fake
/ computer-science papers. SCIgen was invented in 2005
/ by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of
/ Technology (MIT) in Cambridge to prove that
/ conferences would accept meaningless papers
/ — and, as they put it, “to maximize amusement”


/ But how could gibberish end up in respectable
/ science papers? The man who discovered the
/ recent frauds said it showed slipping standards
/ among scientists. "High pressure on scientists
/ leads directly to too prolific and less meaningful
/ publications," ... He noted that because other
/ professors may not read the paper, “publishing a
/ paper that was computer-generated might help
/ with merit pay.”

Offensichtlich könnte man damit auch newsgroups mit
Belanglosigkeit füllen, wenn das nicht rein manuell
schon so gut gelànge.


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Rafael Deliano schrieb:
Zum Ausklang der nàrrischen Zeit ...:




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