Pip call with --allow-external and --allow-unverified leads to error for mysql-connector-python

07/04/2016 - 10:11 von schaf.mh | Report spam
over an old ansible script I did run a pip installation for the mysql-connector-python==1.0.12 (defined in the requirements.txt). (related to Django 1.5.1 installation)
This call was always executed with --allow-external and --allow-unverified and worked well.
So as you see from the version, this is a while back. If I run the same ansible playbook against a new debian installation, I run into an error.

1.) Deprication of --allow-external and --allow-unverified, telling me that they do not have any effect.
2.)Could not find version taht satisfies the requirement mysql-connector-python==1.0.12No matching distribution found for mysql-connector-python==1.0.12.

I know that the versions are outdated (Django 1.5.1 and mysql-connector-python 1.0.12), but assume I would like to run it as it is, what would be required to get mysql-connector-python installed without --allow-external and --allow-unverified.

Do you have any hints?
Is there a replacement for --allow-external and --allow-unverified?
Is it still possible to run that on the newest debian, or do I have to upgrade the modules (e.g. Django, mysql,...?)


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leads to error for mysql-connector-python

Hallo schaf,

sollte das evtl. an eine andere Liste gehen?


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