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Covert Surfer is a low-cost, self-contained Data Security and Anonymous
Internet browsing tool for the WindowsT operating system, that is
downloadable onto a convenient USB flash drive. Covet Surfer provides the
individual "on the go" with fully encrypted data security protection as well
as secure and anonymous internet surfing. Suitable for travelers wishing to
securely check their emails, anonymously and securely browse the web, or
safely store copies of critical personal information, without any fear of
their private information falling into unwanted hands. And, in case you lose
your thumb drive Covert Surfer can be tracked and your data on the drive

Secure, Portable Data Protection Package - Covert Surfer is completely
self-contained, housing a powerful set of proprietary Secure and Anonymous
Internet browsing and 256-bit AES encryption tools right on the key itself,
completely eliminating the need to load any software or files onto the host
computer. Encrypted files and documents can be stored directly on the flash
drive and/or host machine making Covert Surfer the perfect portable solution
for the individual wishing to "travel light".

Anonymous & Secure Internet Browsing - Covert Surfer does not use VPNs, but
rather proprietary stealth technology to encrypt and anonymize all of your
Internet surfing activities, automatically. This unique, "bleeding edge"
masking technology makes Covert Surfer the only product available on the
market today that offers a truly portable, secure and anonymous Internet
browsing experience!

Zero Footprint - Covert Surfer ensures undetectable computer usage. When the
user shuts down the Covert Surfer suite, traces of your activity are deleted
from the host computer's RAM and hard drive, including files updated to the
Windows Registry Key. With Covert Surfer, the user truly becomes the
proverbial ghost in the machine!

Fully Secure Operation - Utilizing state-of-the-art 256-bit AES encryption,
and a three-step authentication process (username, password and device
serial number), Covert Surfer allows clients to maintain strict control of
who has access to certain data. Not only would an unauthorized person need
to know the client's username and password, they would have to physically
possess the Covert Surfer key to gain access. User Names are not duplicated
and each device has its own unique serial number embedded into the chip.

Remote/Self-Destruct with Beaconing - Equipped with a remote/self-destruct
feature that remotely zeroes the device (either on-demand or automatically)
the instant that any attempt is made to access the key without passing
authentication, Covert Surfer allows the individual to travel in confidence,
without any fear of loss or theft! Furthermore, should an person lose
control of one of their keys, upon next use, a homing beacon notifies us of
the exact location (via the true IP address) allowing a remote destruct
signal to be instantly sent to the device, rendering it useless.

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$14.99/Mo 10 GB (1 Year Subscription) $9.99/Mo
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$24.99/Mo 25 GB (1 Year Subscription) $14.99/Mo
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$49.99/Mo 25 GB (1 Month Subscription) $29.99/Mo
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