Price paid for my DNA research

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Price paid for my DNA research


When I initiated research on Riccati equations in 1980, I could not know that they constitute DNA of entire mathematical problem solving.

Certainly, I paid a heavy price for this research.

1- Loss of tenure in universities.

2- Term positions here and there with one term
employment (with one or two courses), and three or four terms later for the next contract.

3- In no way I could publish any results in any form both partially or totally in international journals of mathematics.

4- Developments of research were very slow, and computer memory was very low at that early decade of 1980-1990s.

5- Misinterpretations of my statements regarding publications and jobs, and as a result of tension and friction with academic institutions.

6- In no way anyone was interested in my new math.

7- I did leave my previous research and never again initiated to add more to it. Because I made a statement that those qualitative results are highly abstract and my colleagues knew that, I also viewed their research as something between themselves and not much serious.

8- They also felt I have valued my research very high, possibly they thought because of my lack of judgment.

9- They perfectly knew about my level of criticism of math community relative to academic power struggles.

Now when these two volumes appear in about a month and so, it cost me 35 years of hard work and loss of career and pressure to myself and my family.

Now if math community interested to invite me for seminars and developments of this research, how is possible for me to compensate my financial loss, let alone other issuers?

Although they may never want to develop this research and have a contact with me at all.

Since possibly they may think in order to do so, they have to first get control of me and my thoughts.

That will never happen, since I do not allow it.

I could have developed my old research, and now I would have been an established mathematician with 60 or more published papers in the mainstream journals on qualitative theory of differential equations in a respected University.

No one ever knows about Riccati DNA, at least for a long time.
But, let us assume that they may start promoting my research, in case they invite me for a seminar, what is going to be the fee for my visit?

Certainly, I can never compensate financial aspects of loss of career. But I figure that $10000 for an hour talk plus full travel costs would be a fair price. (With first class ticket).

Certainly once every 200 years papers come, one can compete against Newton. You need to bear this in mind.

All talks about my research are presented in this newsgroup, under the title "Note about my books," or "a great day."

If institutions are interested, do not invite me for any talk, unless noting reasonably about the fee and travel costs.


Dr.Mehran Basti

PS: I prefer travel by first class train in a cabin, or luxury ship for overseas trips. Do not like air travel.

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Mathematics seminar attending was influential in my academic maturity.

As I had mentioned in my book "DNA of Mathematics," during the mid-1960s, Iran (under the previous kingdom) opened up many institutions of higher education for the future developments of the country.

Every year (From 1967-72, during my undergraduate years at Pars college-Tehran), prominent international mathematicians invited as keynote speakers (through Iranian math association).

Some of them were:

Paul Halmos, Israel Herstein, Paul Erdos, Jean Dieudonne, Sergei Sobolove , Garrett Birkhoff and Lotfi Zadeh.

There is no doubt in my mind that concept of attending these seminars was influential for me to embark upon creation of such revolutionary mathematical sciences.

I also remember stimulating lectures of Stephen Smale (Dynamical systems), when I was for a short time research fellow in fall of 1979 at the University of California, Berkeley.

What is important here is presence of distinguished leaders of mathematics and their influence on particularly young students, post docs etc.


Dr.Mehran Basti

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