Problemen nach ein vista update

03/12/2007 - 20:36 von Tony | Report spam
This message has no cummunity functions because the login screen that
appears when I try to send this mesage is complely empty so no login is
Some ten days ago Windows Vista updated itself and installed a mediacenter
update among other things. A message flashed by stating that my License
terms were changed.
After that update my mediaplayer 11 stopped working. All multimedia programs
like Adobe Production studio are disappeared from the ,,Open with'' list.
Also IE 7 has severe problems. When I go to a Microsoft website OK buttons
are greyed and downloads on other pages are disabled.
When I choose the search function -with ctrl F or otherwise- all the buttons
are greyed and on page search is impossible.
Today IE 7 stopped offering the print function and printing is completely
I informed Microsoft inmediately though the proper (PR) channels but untill
now no answer was received. Apparently this is to embarrassing for Microsoft
to answer in public.
Kind regards,
Tony Thijs
Oriolus software

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#1 Kai Schaetzl
03/12/2007 - 21:40 | Warnen spam
Please repost in English or Dutch newsgroup in a language that fits that
newsgroup. (Hint: read that newsgroup before blindly posting into it.)

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