psexec problem with -i parameter

03/12/2008 - 18:16 von Gunnar_Frenzel | Report spam
I have two WinXP systems both running in a virtual machine. I want to
start a batch file file on Machine1 started by a psexec call from
The command is:
psexec \\machine1 -u User -p Password -i -w "C:\Batch_Files" "C:
Which is working properly when Machine1 is fresh rebooted. As soon as
a user has logged on to Machine1 using Remote Desktop Connection the
command returns "Invalid parameter" when I remove the -i parameter
only it is working properly so this parameter seem to cause the
problem. The problem occurs when no user is logged in to Machine1
anymore, too. So as long as no user has ever connected to Machine1 via
Remote Desktop after reboot everything works fine and after the first
Log In/Log off the invalid parameter error occurs.
Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? The problem is that the
batch file on Machine1 is calling a Powershell Skript which hangs when
the batch is not started with -i in psexec call.
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