"QL & Mac are 25" international event Oct 31-Nov 1, 2009

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Hi all,

2009 is the year of the 25th anniversary of breaking innovations in
personal computing. Early 1984 two milestones were unfolded on both
sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Europe was first with the launch of the
32bit multitasking/multiwindowing Sinclair QL. 12 days later America
saw the launch of the 32bit GUI/multiwindowing Apple Macintosh. They
both entered the field to compete with IBM's PC.

While the Mac did it in the long run and is a mainstream product in
the present and future, the QL went into dust. Before leaving the
field, the QL inspired many experts and influenced today's products in
one way or another. Most prominent example is Linux, where its creator
Linus Torvalds was a QL crack back in the 80s. To learn more about all
that please follow the full 25th anniversary story.

Earlier this week Apple presented their figures for the last quarter.
Most Profitable Quarter Ever; Record Mac and iPhone Sales.

Today Microsoft launched Windows 7.

Only future will tell how the desktop platform market will develop.

This and recent coverage and homage of the Sinclair QL in both media
and web in the UK motivated us to organize an international event to
celebrate the 25th anniversary of both the QL and Mac. The event will
be in a conference style with sessions, exhibition and traders &
workshop area. It will be hosted in the brand new Conference Center at
Verkehrhaus, Lucerne, Switzerland (Swiss Transport Museum) on Oct 31st
and Nov 1st 2009.

The event is not only retro, it covers past, present and future ICT
themes. There will be 8 interesting sessions on QL, Mac, iPhone, Mac
OS X, Windows 7 and AmigaOS 4.1, an exhibition and a workgroup/traders

The Event web-pages were updated recently.

Regards, Peter
P.S. We will have the 2009 BBC drama "Micro Men" on screen.

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#1 Pete
22/10/2009 - 20:57 | Warnen spam
Upps, sorry! Habe irrtümlicherweise den englischen Text gepostet.

Der Event ist in der deutschsprachigen Schweiz, wird jedoch in
Englisch abgehalten.

Die Webpage ist in Englisch und Deutsch.

Grüesse, Peter

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