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02/04/2009 - 14:22 von Jacdraco | Report spam
I installed Windows Vista Business on a newly self assembled PC.

The system:

4 GB Ram (2x 2GB Corsair Ram)
520 WATT Corsair PSU (was already in use in my old system, so this comonent
should be ok)

The Problem:

Vista freezes totally randomly. The system becomes totally unresponsive
(dispaly and mouse freeze as well as keyboard.) I can only hear the that the
sound of eg. winamp continues. Freezes can happen during graphic intense
Apllications (games) as well as in idle state. The mean time between failures
can be some hours up to two weeks. So a trail an error approach is very
difficult in practice as this could take weeks or months.
Is there a way to caputre what process or resource was active when the
freeze happened. I mean BSODs can be analysed by windbg tool. Isn't there a
systematic approach to freezes other than trail and error????

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#1 Helmut Rohrbeck
02/04/2009 - 14:37 | Warnen spam
Jacdraco schrieb:

I installed Windows Vista Business on a newly self assembled PC.

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