Rüdiger kennenlernen

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Rüdiger kennenlernen:

Rüdiger continuous:

Rüdiger is a clone of Rüdiger
Rüdiger has a brother Thomas
Rüdiger likes himbeermarmelade
Rüdiger can be visited into the zoo
Rüdiger has no mirror picture
Rüdiger runs the voodoo down
Rüdiger has the restless leg syndrome
Rüdiger has the caspar hauser syndrome
Rüdiger runs down his last incarnation
Rüdiger has the multiple earthquake syndrome
Rüdiger read 300.000 books
Rüdiger won the gold medal in jumping high
Rüdiger have had the first successful brain transplantation
Rüdiger is dancing asphalt tango
Rüdiger cannot stop
Rüdiger cannot be stopped except by fake
Rüdiger is not dead
Rüdiger is sleeping the sweet SMT dream
Rüdiger has spiritual healing power
Rdiger who heals Rüdiger ?
Rüdiger has a secret passion he wear high heels
Rüdiger recommend: "Astro Salsa"
before Rüdiger make a soul-travel he eat two red hot pepper chillis
after Rüdiger comes the nil-Rüdiger
Fick Rüdiger !
Is Rüdiger feige ?
Rüdiger is a fick fake at d.s.p.
Rüdiger, fick d.s.p 150 times !
feixender fickender Rüdiger.
fick Rüdiger fick, fick d.s.p !
Rüdigers dirty word count was 9
Wer heilt Rüdiger?

Heil Rüdiger.

wernertrp is Rüdigers watcher, reporter, promoter, darling, follower,

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#1 Rüdiger Thomas
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"wernertrp" schrieb im Newsbeitrag

Armleuchter! ..

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