Sensation in der Physik : Nimtz Experiment wird durch Theorie des komplexen Brechungsindex bestätigt.

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We discuss here a seperate aspect sof a conformation of Nimtz`s measerments
by macroscopc electrodynamics.
I am very convinced that he measures right.

I dont know if such a paper as it will be discussed later could be part of a
work ?
I am diploma physicist. 52 years and just eye on the doctors degree for
these fundamental findings.

Josef Matz
Steinwandstr. 13
36100 Petersberg - Steinau

Maroscopic Quantum Electrodynamic is a reinterpretation of the classic light
theory based on macroscopic classical electrodynamics and called the Maxwell
theory of light or the theory of complex index.
A smaller subset of the theory are the socalled Matz - Drude Formulas
another subset are the
famous Fresnel Formulas.

Energy Formulas have been found to provide energy conservation at the
between absorbing substances. When one applies these Formulas to the Nimtz
double prism experiments
one gains Nimtz superluminal results. Except a small and and constant time
delay (constant with respect to the distance of the two prisms) the photons
hop instantly through the gap in the evascent cases, which means
that total reflection condition is fulfilled.
The tunnel flux can be calculated first time in history. Also the true
tunnel energy density for evaneszent vacuum waves.
The tunnel energy flux density through the tunnel is constant (no
exponential decrease) for constant signals
(constant with respect to time). Its one of three energy fluxes that exist
between the two prisms. But the tunnel
energy flux is the only one that transports the energy through the gap. The
tunnel energy flux is orientet perpendicular toward the second prisms
surface and falls exponentially with the distance between the two prisms.
But it is always finite..
The true tunnel energy density makes a big surprize.when one calculates, it
is zero

The group velocity is defined as beein the ratio of tunnel energy flux
density / energy density and,
because the energy density is zero, becomes infinite

So group velocity is infinte as Nimtz measurements and interpretations show.

Because the complete theory of energy fluxes in the complex index theory now
is fundamentally worked out
there is no doubt anymore that there exist superluminal conditions with real
energy and signal transport.
The theory of complex index was very successful for the description of
polarizations in optical instruments.
A widely approved theory. But because it had no energy fluxes defined for
evanescent waves, it was uncomplete.
The completed theory of complex index covers all aspects of theoretical
Therefore this is a milestone in theoretical physics.

Professor Nimtz has done his publishings about the double prism experiment
about 10 years ago.
He is still not accepted because superluminal signal and energy transfer
withspeaks special relativity.
Nimtz measurements now are confirmed by the completed theory of complex
So there is a mistake in special relativity and this mistake can now be

Space is absolute, Time is absolute. Space has anywhere a state of absolute
rest. Time is everywhere the same
in the universe. Clocks slow down when they are in motion with respect to
the absolut space in rest.

So Time (universal time) is exactly the same everywhere. The present is
everywhere the same and not as einstein assumed dependent on the relative
velocity. This feature called Einstein Causality is now proven to be wrong.
Without this feature and normal causality special relativity works as fine
as ever.

But on drastic consequence this discovery has: Because time is everywhere
the same cosmic time, einstein
causality is wrong. And this means: Space is not bent in time by masses.
Because Einstein causality is
wrong, General Relativity, the commonly accepted theory of gravity must be
wrong because Einstein causality
is the base of space bending. A new theory must be found to treat gravity
special relativistic, which also incorporates the proven features of GR. And
a new cosmology not on the basis of GR is the consequence.

Maroscopic Quantum Electrodynamic is a reinterpretation of the classic light
theory based on macroscopic classical electrodynamics and called the Maxwell
theory of light or the theory of complex index.

Its features:

- Energy fluxes for complex fields
- Finishing classic group velocity theory
- Group velocities for evanescent vacuum waves
- Calculation of the Nimtz double prism experiment
- Verification of superluminal features of superluminal tunneling for the
double prism experiment and the
hopping features for photons
- Energy formulas for classic Drude theory
- The mistake by classic Drude theory and the finite vacuumlayer theory
(Matz - Drude theory)
- Following from this the explain why refraction index gradients do reflect
- A second flux formula for the classic theory of light ( spin flux density,
spin density )
- Conservation Laws for the spin flux density for non evanescent one
dimensional structures on the basis of Matz - Drude theory
- Discussions on the consequences for relativity theory

If a serious physicist or organisation would see this as an interesting base
for a doctors degree
it would be fine. I know that there can be earned a lot of money with that
in future.

So you have my adress. Fell free to invite me.


Josef Matz

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