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# German translation of manpages
# This file is distributed under the same license as the manpages-de package.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: manpages-de"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2010-08-30 15:03+0200"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2010-08-30 15:03+0200"
"Last-Translator: Tobias Quathamer <toddy@debian.org>"
"Language-Team: German <debian-l10n-german@lists.debian.org>"
"MIME-Version: 1.0"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit"

#. type: TH
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:29
#, no-wrap

#. type: TH
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:29
#, no-wrap
msgid "2010-02-10"
msgstr "10. Februar 2010"

#. type: TH
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:29
#, no-wrap
msgid "Linux"
msgstr "Linux"

#. type: TH
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:29
#, no-wrap
msgid "Linux Programmer's Manual"
msgstr "Linux-Programmierhandbuch"

#. type: SH
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:30
#, no-wrap
msgid "NAME"

#. type: Plain text
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:32
#, fuzzy
msgid "none - undocumented library functions"
msgstr "keine - undokumentierte Bibliotheksfunktionen"

#. type: SH
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:32
#, no-wrap
msgid "SYNOPSIS"
msgstr "àœBERSICHT"

#. type: Plain text
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:34
#, fuzzy
msgid "Undocumented library functions"
msgstr "Bibliotheksfunktionen"

#. type: SH
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:34
#, no-wrap

#. type: Plain text
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:37
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"This man page mentions those library functions which are implemented in the "
"standard libraries but not yet documented in man pages."
msgstr ""
"Diese Handbuchseite erwà¤hnt Bibliotheksfunktionen, die in den Standard-"
"Bibliotheken implementiert, aber noch nicht auf Handbuchseiten dokumentiert "

#. type: SS
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:37
#, no-wrap
msgid "Solicitation"
msgstr ""

#. type: Plain text
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:43
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"If you have information about these functions, please look in the source "
"code, write a man page (using a style similar to that of the other Linux "
"section 3 man pages), and send it to B<mtk.manpages@gmail.com> for inclusion "
"in the next man page release."
msgstr ""
"Wenn Sie Informationen à¼ber diese Funktionen haben, schauen Sie sich bitte "
"im Quellcode um, schreiben Sie eine Handbuchseite (in einem à¤hnlichen Stil "
"wie die der anderen Handbuchseiten im Abschnitt 3) und senden Sie die Seite "
"bitte an B<aeb@cwi.nl>, damit sie in die nà¤chste Version integriert werden "

#. type: SS
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:43
#, no-wrap
msgid "The List"
msgstr ""

#. .BR chflags (3),
#. .BR fattach (3),
#. .BR fchflags (3),
#. .BR fclean (3),
#. .BR fdetach (3),
#. .BR obstack stuff (3),
#. type: Plain text
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:191
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"B<authdes_create>(3), B<authdes_getucred>(3), B<authdes_pk_create>(3), "
"B<clntunix_create>(3), B<creat64>(3), B<dn_skipname>(3), B<fcrypt>(3), "
"B<fp_nquery>(3), B<fp_query>(3), B<fp_resstat>(3), B<freading>(3), "
"B<freopen64>(3), B<fseeko64>(3), B<ftello64>(3), B<ftw64>(3), B<fwscanf>(3), "
"B<get_avphys_pages>(3), B<getdirentries64>(3), B<getmsg>(3), B<getnetname>"
"(3), B<get_nprocs>(3), B<get_nprocs_conf>(3), B<get_phys_pages>(3), "
"B<getpublickey>(3), B<getsecretkey>(3), B<h_errlist>(3), B<host2netname>(3), "
"B<hostalias>(3), B<if_freenameindex>(3), B<if_indextoname>(3), "
"B<if_nameindex>(3), B<if_nametoindex>(3), B<inet_nsap_addr>(3), "
"B<inet_nsap_ntoa>(3), B<init_des>(3), B<libc_nls_init>(3), B<lio_listio>(3), "
"B<mallinfo>(3), B<mallopt>(3), B<mcheck>(3), B<mprobe>(3), B<mstats>(3), "
"B<netname2host>(3), B<netname2user>(3), B<nlist>(3), B<obstack_free>(3), "
"B<parse_printf_format>(3), B<p_cdname>(3), B<p_cdnname>(3), B<p_class>(3), "
"B<p_fqname>(3), B<p_option>(3), B<p_query>(3), B<printf_size>(3), "
"B<printf_size_info>(3), B<p_rr>(3), B<p_time>(3), B<p_type>(3), B<putlong>"
"(3), B<putshort>(3), B<re_compile_fastmap>(3), B<re_compile_pattern>(3), "
"B<register_printf_function>(3), B<re_match>(3), B<re_match_2>(3), "
"B<re_rx_search>(3), B<re_search>(3), B<re_search_2>(3), B<re_set_registers>"
"(3), B<re_set_syntax>(3), B<res_send_setqhook>(3), B<res_send_setrhook>(3), "
"B<ruserpass>(3), B<setfileno>(3), B<sethostfile>(3), B<svc_exit>(3), "
"B<svcudp_enablecache>(3), B<tell>(3), B<tr_break>(3), B<tzsetwall>(3), "
"B<ufc_dofinalperm>(3), B<ufc_doit>(3), B<user2netname>(3), B<vlimit>(3), "
"B<vtimes>(3), B<wcschrnul>(3), B<wcsftime>(3), B<wscanf>(3), "
"B<xdr_authdes_cred>(3), B<xdr_authdes_verf>(3), B<xdr_cryptkeyarg>(3), "
"B<xdr_cryptkeyres>(3), B<xdr_datum>(3), B<xdr_des_block>(3), "
"B<xdr_domainname>(3), B<xdr_getcredres>(3), B<xdr_keybuf>(3), "
"B<xdr_keystatus>(3), B<xdr_mapname>(3), B<xdr_netnamestr>(3), B<xdr_netobj>"
"(3), B<xdr_passwd>(3), B<xdr_peername>(3), B<xdr_rmtcall_args>(3), "
"B<xdr_rmtcallres>(3), B<xdr_unixcred>(3), B<xdr_yp_buf>(3), B<xdr_yp_inaddr>"
"(3), B<xdr_ypbind_binding>(3), B<xdr_ypbind_resp>(3), B<xdr_ypbind_resptype>"
"(3), B<xdr_ypbind_setdom>(3), B<xdr_ypdelete_args>(3), B<xdr_ypmaplist>(3), "
"B<xdr_ypmaplist_str>(3), B<xdr_yppasswd>(3), B<xdr_ypreq_key>(3), "
"B<xdr_ypreq_nokey>(3), B<xdr_ypresp_all>(3), B<xdr_ypresp_all_seq>(3), "
"B<xdr_ypresp_key_val>(3), B<xdr_ypresp_maplist>(3), B<xdr_ypresp_master>(3), "
"B<xdr_ypresp_order>(3), B<xdr_ypresp_val>(3), B<xdr_ypstat>(3), "
"B<xdr_ypupdate_args>(3), B<yp_all>(3), B<yp_bind>(3), B<yperr_string>(3), "
"B<yp_first>(3), B<yp_get_default_domain>(3), B<yp_maplist>(3), B<yp_master>"
"(3), B<yp_match>(3), B<yp_next>(3), B<yp_order>(3), B<ypprot_err>(3), "
"B<yp_unbind>(3), B<yp_update>(3)"
msgstr ""
"a64l addseverity aio_cancel aio_error aio_fsync aio_read aio_return "
"aio_suspend aio_write assert_perror backtrace backtrace_symbols "
"backtrace_symbols_fd canonicalize_file_name carg cbc_crypt cfree cfsetspeed "
"cimag conj cproj creal des_setparity dn_skipname ecb_crypt endfsent "
"endnetgrent exp10 fclean fcrypt fdim fedisableexcept feenableexcept "
"fegetexcept fgetgrent_r fgetpwent_r fma fmax fmemopen fmin fmtmsg "
"fopencookie fpclassify fp_nquery fp_query fp_resstat freadable freading "
"fwriteable fwriting gamma get_avphys_pages getfsent getfsfile getfsspec "
"getgrent_r getgrid_r getgrname_r getgrnam_r getgrouplist gethostbyaddr_r "
"getmntent_r getnetgrent getnetgrent_r getnetname get_nprocs get_nprocs_conf "
"get_phys_pages getpt getpublickey getpwent_r getpwnam_r getpwuid_r "
"getsecretkey getumask getutent_r getutid_r getutline_r getutmp getutmpx "
"grantpt gsignal h_errlist host2netname hostalias if_freenameindex "
"if_indextoname if_nameindex if_nametoindex ilogb imaxdiv inet_nsap_addr "
"inet_nsap_ntoa init_des initstate_r innetgr isfinite isgreater "
"isgreaterequal isless islessequal islessgreater isnormal isunordered "
"key_decryptsession key_encryptsession key_gendes key_setsecret l64a lgamma_r "
"libc_nls_init lio_listio log2 logb login logout mallinfo mallopt mcheck "
"mempcpy mprobe mstats mtrace netname2host netname2user nextafter nexttoward "
"nlist obstack_free obstack stuff offsetof open_memstream parse_printf_format "
"passwd2des p_cdname p_cdnname p_class p_fqname p_option pow10 p_query "
"printf_size printf_size_info program_invocation_name "
"program_invocation_short_name p_rr p_time ptsname ptsname_r p_type putlong "
"putshort qecvt random_r rand_r rawmemchr readdir_r re_compile_fastmap "
"re_compile_pattern register_printf_function re_match re_match_2 re_rx_search "
"re_search re_search_2 re_set_registers re_set_syntax res_send_setqhook "
"res_send_setrhook rexec rpmatch rtime ruserpass setfileno setfsent "
"sethostfile setkey_r setnetgrent setstate_r signbit sincos srandom_r ssignal "
"strchrnul strverscmp svc_exit svcudp_enablecache syscall sysv_signal tell "
"tgamma tmpnam_r tr_break ttyname_r tzsetwall ufc_dofinalperm ufc_doit "
"unlockpt user2netname utmpxname versionsort vlimit vsyslog vtimes wcschrnul "
"wcsftime wmempcpy wordexp wordfree xdecrypt xdr_authdes_cred "
"xdr_authdes_verf xdr_cryptkeyarg xdr_cryptkeyres xdr_datum xdr_des_block "
"xdr_domainname xdr_getcredres xdr_keybuf xdr_keystatus xdr_mapname "
"xdr_netnamestr xdr_netobj xdr_passwd xdr_peername xdr_rmtcall_args "
"xdr_rmtcallres xdr_unixcred xdr_yp_buf xdr_yp_inaddr xdr_ypbind_binding "
"xdr_ypbind_resp xdr_ypbind_resptype xdr_ypbind_setdom xdr_ypdelete_args "
"xdr_ypmaplist xdr_ypmaplist_str xdr_yppasswd xdr_ypreq_key xdr_ypreq_nokey "
"xdr_ypresp_all xdr_ypresp_all_seq xdr_ypresp_key_val xdr_ypresp_maplist "
"xdr_ypresp_master xdr_ypresp_order xdr_ypresp_val xdr_ypstat "
"xdr_ypupdate_args xdrstdio_create xencrypt yp_all yp_bind yperr_string "
"yp_first yp_get_default_domain yp_maplist yp_master yp_match yp_next "
"yp_order ypprot_err yp_unbind yp_update"

#. type: SH
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:191
#, no-wrap
msgid "COLOPHON"
msgstr "KOLOPHON"

#. type: Plain text
#: ../english/manpages/man3/undocumented.3:198
msgid ""
"This page is part of release 3.25 of the Linux I<man-pages> project. A "
"description of the project, and information about reporting bugs, can be "
"found at http://www.kernel.org/doc/man-pages/."
msgstr ""
"Diese Seite ist Teil der Veröffentlichung 3.25 des Projekts Linux-I<man-"
"pages>. Eine Beschreibung des Projekts und Informationen à¼ber das Berichten "
"von Fehlern finden sich unter http://www.kernel.org/doc/man-pages/."


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