Time is absolute not relative

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Time is absolute not relative


In newsgroups for the record I have mentioned some of my physics ideas (see newsgroup sci math symbolic) in articles such as:
Physics through DNA of Mathematics
Speed of light and DNA of Mathematics.

According to my understanding, it would be difficult to imagine Riccati DNA supports certain uniformity, for mathematical representations of the light, as wave equations.

Now we are also only able to test the speed of the light around the earth.

It seems to me that our results of experiments of the speed of light as assumed to be correct, is due to the balance of the forces of the universe, around the earth.

This means that, as solid materials have mathematical centroid, so as the universe.

And while the speed of light actually may vary, but around the earth it is adjusted to be constant.

We still take it as constant around the earth only.

Special relativity theory constructed based on constancy of the speed of light, thus also resulted time is relative.

I believe the universe views time as absolute, but we have to compute it, and in mathematical computations, it seems to me we better off if we use relativity theory.

Since here on the Earth Simultaneity concept is a logical outcome.

Our experiments for thousand's of years will remain only around the earth, thus we better do not speculate about say black holes, which I do not even believe we know exists.

Thus my conclusion is the following:

Time is absolute, but for practical and more accurate results we are dependent on special relativity to compute it , whether they like it or not.

Eventually, mathematicians need to be familiarizing themselves with seeing all mathematics through DNA of Riccati, since here comes the entire right source for advancements.

It is really a beautiful world of mathematics, believe it or not.


Dr.Mehran Basti

PS: My next book written for professional mathematicians and scientists, entitled "Differential equations and Polynomials, Volume 1",will be in print some months later, due to the process of official copyright registration.

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#1 Helmut Wabnig
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On Thu, 27 Aug 2015 04:54:43 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

I believe the universe views time as absolute,

What you believe does not count.

Proof it or at least make it plausible.


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