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#1 Helmut Wabnig
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On Thu, 11 Oct 2007 03:44:01 -0700, malah wrote:

Mögen Selbstmordattentàter immer in deiner Nàhe sein!


Chopped hands

Beheading video of American civil engineer Eugene Armstrong:

Beheading video of American engineer Jack Hensley:

Beheading video of Japanese tourist Shosei Koda:

Beheading video of American businessman Nicholas Berg:

Beheading video of British civil engineer Kenneth John Bigley:

Beheading video of South Korean translator Kim Sun-il:

Korean Hostages Beaten for Not Accepting Islam...

Pakistani militants try to blow up Buddha carving

European Muslims Fight for the Right to Leave Islam...

Church, Congregation Attacked by Muslim Radicals (Indonesia)..

Religious Cleansing in Iraq...

Korean Pastor Was Killed for Refusing to Convert to Islam...

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