WSUS 3.0 nagios/cacti via snmp

30/11/2007 - 13:22 von Markus Koetter | Report spam

I just wanted to ask whether somebody got a snmp plugin for windows snmp
service, which allows retrieving wsus 3.0 status via snmp for collection
on cacti/nagios and wants to share the experience.

I tried using NSClient++, using powershell scripts as NRPE commands.
Did not work, I guess because NRPE commands get executed as user SYSTEM, and
SYSTEM is not allowed to use powershell.
Writing the nagios string to a text file via schedulemanager,
using "cmd.exe type nagios_status.txt" as NRPE command worked,
but NSClient++ proved unstable, the service hang after 16h without even
getting queried.


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#1 Peter Jasik
30/11/2007 - 23:10 | Warnen spam

Markus Koetter schrieb:

I just wanted to ask whether ...

This is a German-speaking group. With your skills at English you
should have no problems asking at an English-speaking one. There
may be even more helpful answers. ;-)

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